Grouppage transport
We have an established network of regular flights to all European countries and Turkey for groupage shipments. Groupage transport includes smaller shipments, which are suitable for this mode of transport and which only make up partial loads.

The beginnings of the company's groupage transport organization dates back to 1998 when the first shipments were sent from Koper to Bar, organized together with our partner at the time, and majority owner of the company Intereuropa Koper (Slovenia) today.

In accordance with the E2E principle and implementation of complete operations − from pickup to dispatch of shipments following the "door to door" principle, the very first import and export shipments were organized in 2005, initially in cooperation with Intereuropa Sarajevo, and later with Intereuropa branches in Jesenice and Ljubljana and Intereuropa Belgrade.

We gained immense experience during these years allowing us to become the leading provider of groupage transport in the local and regional markets. Through a network of regular import and export lines, operated through our own branches and reliable partners in countries where we do not have any branches, we provide qualitative services, which include the execution of all groupage transport operations, from pick up to dispatch of shipments via the "door to door" principle.
We provide:
  • Groupage transport services from/to all European countries and Turkey
  • We guarantee delivery and collection of consignments within 12 or 24 hours via our network of customs terminals.
  • Appropriate professional support in the dispatch of customs shipments, ADR shipments and shipments of all types suitable for groupage transport.
  • Control of consignments along the entire transport route.
  • Favourable cargo consignment insurance.
  • Complete ancillary services (customs clearance, warehousing, etc.)





For the purpose of groupage transport, Intereuropa has set up a network of regular lines with:
  • Slovenia
  • Croatia
  • Srbia
  • Bosna and Hercegovina
  • Albania 
  • Kosovo 




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